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The Turn of the Screw: A Case Study in Contemporary Criticism (Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism)
Peter G. Beidler, Henry James
Sapphira and the Slave Girl
Willa Cather
Larry McMurtry
Lord of the Changing Winds
Rachel Neumeier
Hyperion (Hyperion Series #1)
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Anne Brontë, Mary Augusta Ward

The House of the Spirits: A Novel

The House of the Spirits - Isabel Allende This book came in to my hands thanks to a very good friend of mine here on GR, and I definitely understand why she recommends it.This is not a book to be enjoyed or to have fun with. It is a book about a very turbulent time in a nation's history...it is full of cruelty and injustice. But above all, it is a family saga full of drama and feelings. I definitely recommend it even though it is not an easy read.