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The Carrier of the Mark

Carrier of the Mark - Leigh Fallon I started Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon with not a little trepidation, mostly assuming that I'd totally dislike it. Misty at The Book Rat's review covers all the ways the book mimics Twilight, and I think I've already proven I have zero tolerance for that. That being said - I ended up getting much more into the story than I expected!First off. Hell yes, the beginning of the book is basically Twilight set in Ireland. Every single thing about it is a straight up imitation and I was about to die of shock that the book had been published. Then things changed.Once the plot really gets going, all (well, most) of the Twilightness disappeared for me. Megan Rosenburg finds out that she is part of a mythological world she knew nothing about. She is eager to embrace the power she is discovering - until she learns it might be at the expense of her growing relationship with Adam. I am definitely not a fan of girls giving up their lives for a boy - but come on folks, we're dealing with teenagers here. Angst is a given. Unfortunately, insta-love is also usually a given, and this book is no exception. The entire book is so dramatic though, that the intensity of Adam and Megan's relationship in no way stands out.The magical system is very easy to get interested in - and the characters quickly grew on me once we got past the book's unfortunate beginning. If you find yourself wanting to throw the book against the wall when first starting, I highly recommend you keep going.Also, involved father alert! I love love when YA books don't just sweep the parentals under the rug as dead weight.So - the book is certainly not one that I feel the need to immediately rush out and buy to have on my shelves, nor is it one I'd mention to people asking me for recommendations - but if you have a copy or think the plot sounds intriguing, pick it up! The story is easy to get lost in and is definitely worth the few hours it will take you to read.