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Hourglass - Myra McEntire Hourglass is an incredibly engrossing novel! I enjoyed every single aspect of it: plot, characters and writing. Emerson is an awesome female MC: she isn't one of the fantasy novel girls that stands back waiting for a hero. She is more than willing to dive headfirst into any situation and fight for herself. I loved her personality and gumption! Not to say, of course, that she isn't willing to accept a partner in crime. Immediately upon meeting Michael Weaver, sparks ensue. Their chemistry and interaction was awesome. I also appreciated that Myra McEntire didn't pull the whole insta-love nonsense. My girl Emerson won't have any of that - it takes her a little time to follow trust with attraction.The plot was intense...I'm a big fan of time travel/science fiction and I love the way it was handled in this book. The combination of that along with the other abilities (like seeing ghosts) made for a very captivating plot. Emerson lives with her supportive brother, who tries to get her some answers about her ghost-seeing abilities from the mysterious Hourglass organization (that's where Michael comes in). Unfortunately, she ends up getting sucked in to a whole mess of complications - a death from the past that shouldn't have happened, jealousy, and even a traitor amongst the new friends she thought she was making. The twists and turns in this novel will take you on one heck of a wild ride - one I definitely recommend! This definitely stands apart from most of the other YA debuts. I can't wait for the as yet untitled sequel in 2012!