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Murder 101 (Alison Bergeron Mysteries)

Murder 101 - Maggie Barbieri These are very quick reads - I read them all over the course of a couple of afternoons. They don't really have any depth or emotional content - but they do settle very nicely into the cozy mystery/romance niche. If you're a fan of those types of books (think Stephanie Plum) than these are definitely worth taking a look at.I say they don't have any emotional depth - but what I mean is that the author doesn't do a very good job of making you feel the characters. She has to settle for just telling us. Throughout the first book, I read the words describing the increasing romantic feelings between the main characters, Alison and Crawford, but I never felt the chemistry vibes. As the series progressed and I got used to their characters, I appreciated their relationship more. The same goes for all the characters - when they're introduced in the first book they all feel a little stale or just "on the page" (if that makes sense)...but if you stick with the books you become used to them and it makes the reading much more enjoyable.One thing the author, without a doubt, does get right is the humor. I absolutely love Alison's character and the way she interacts with everyone. She is a real piece of work. She transitions throughout the books: she is originally very nervous and weak-minded...but give her a couple of books and there isn't much she is willing to back down from. But regardless - she is always hilarious.The mysteries are pretty engaging for the most part. The least enjoyable for me was definitely book three, Quick Study. The best part of the books, for me, is learning more about the characters. Barbieri might not be the most accomplished writer, but even though she isn't good at bringing emotions to life - she found a way to hook me in anyway! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where life takes Alison and Crawford next!So, even though this series doesn't, by any means, top my favorites list - I think they're worth reading if you enjoy the genre. For the most part, Barbieri does the mixed bag mystery/romance/humor genre proud!