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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green The Fault in Our Stars by John Green has that same type of undefinable quality as the Harry Potter series. The one that makes you feel a part of something, just by reading the book. Like there is a secret club that everyone that has read the book can join – but you still feel like it was all created just for you. The kind of book that can change the way you think.First of all: this review? No spoilers. No discussion of specific plot points. Just raving. I went into The Fault in Our Stars knowing next to nothing, and that is what I think you should try to do as well.Sometimes I forget that a lot of young adult books are written differently than books meant for adults. Everything is a little simpler and easier to follow. Not a bad thing – not at all! I’ll I’m trying to get across is the fact that books by John Green are different. He knows how intelligent teenagers are. The Fault in Our Stars can stand up next to any literary fiction you want to throw at it.You know the really awesome books that have passages you constantly want to quote? The Fault in Our Stars is not one of those books. I couldn’t pick out just a few things to quote if I tried! I constantly kept having to put the book down in wordless awe. Seriously unbelievably great writing.**So, instead, I picked out a simple passage that I just thought was funny and insightful:“Hazel Grace,” he said.“Hi,” I said. “How are you?”“Grand,” he said. “I have been wanting to call you on a nearly minutely basis, but I have been waiting until I could form a coherent thought in re An Imperial Affliction.” (He said “in re.” He really did. That boy.)The personalities. The writing. What is there even to say? John Green, y’all. John freakin Green.The Fault in Our Stars was just the most thoughtful, hysterical, hopeful piece of devastating sadness. Pick an adjective. John Green took me there. Everyone – read this book so he can take you there too!**As much as it might sound like I’m a deranged fangirl, my enthusiasm for The Fault in Our Stars does not extend to full-time stalking of John Green. Promise.