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Dark Parties

Dark Parties - Sara Grant Dark Parties by Sara Grant has a very intriguing synopsis – Neva lives in a city ruled by the Protectosphere. The government keeps everyone isolated and under their control. Neva and her friend Sanna are determined to prove that the government is lying to them – but they have no idea what they are getting themselves into.Okay guys. I am a huge dystopian fan. I love exploring all the futuristic worlds and rebellious characters that authors create. Unfortunately, this book fails to deliver on many levels…both the characters and plot left many things to be desired.The Protectosphere sets up a very interesting foundation – reading about characters determined not to be controlled by their governments almost always makes for a fast-paced and exciting read. However – Neva did not make a worthy heroine. While I by no means believe that every MC has to be on the Katniss level of awesome…I do expect something. None of these characters had any consistency – one minute Neva was determined to be a rebel, the next she was terrified of being in trouble. She kept making big claims about what she hoped to accomplish – but she really never actually succeeded in being anything but timid. Sure…she played around on a forbidden computer and wandered down some prohibited hallways – but those actions do not an interesting book make. I was never able to find a consistent and believable character in her thoughts and actions. I think the book’s goal was to be a character-driven story because there wasn’t really a cohesive plot that I could discover. Unfortunately, that basically fell flat. I followed Neva as she waffled between wanting to do something worthwhile and being too afraid to do so…and also as she fought a strong attraction to her best friend’s boyfriend. That part of the plot was awful – Neva kept saying to herself that she couldn’t betray her friend Sanna, but every time she saw Sanna’s boyfriend she was all over him! Thus, the lack of respect I had for her due to her half-hearted rebellion attempts extended to her personal life.Ultimately, both the lack of believable characters and an organized plot line left me feeling extremely disappointed. So, while I absolutely love the genre – this is not a book I enjoyed or would recommend reading.