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Kiss It (Romantic Comedies)

Kiss It - Erin Downing When I saw Kristi at The Story Siren's review of this, I knew I had to have it! Lucky for me, there happened to be a copy available on Goodreads swap so I ordered it. I read it a couple of days after I got it despite the fact that I have stacks of books to read all over the place, and I'm glad I did! There were a lot of layers to this book, and I enjoyed every single one of them.The first few chapters were absolutely hilarious. In fact, I read the prologue and first chapter three or four times because I couldn't stop laughing. It was very immature of me. Then Shanyn of Chick Loves Lit said "hey! loser! maybe you should read past the first few pages." (Except, of course, she didn't really call me a loser). Anyway, I finally calmed down and was able to keep going.The humor is definitely one of my favorite parts of the story, but definitely is not all the book has to offer. Once you get to know Chaz, her unexpected depths start to come out. She might be ridiculously immature in some areas...but in others she most definitely is not. She was a really good friend: I loved the interactions between her and Sadie. And even though I accused her of being immature, once she meets Sebastian she definitely makes some progress in the way she thinks of love and relationships. She realizes that she was wrong when she thought it would be easy to keep her feelings and emotions out of interactions with him. I loved them together, they had great chemistry and I loved the way he really made her think. I also loved the mystery surrounding him and his attitude.Even though things wrap up very well at the end of this, I would definitely read a sequel if it was published (even though I don't think there are any plans for one). I loved these characters! I definitely recommend picking this up.