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Entangled - Cat Clarke I was so excited to read this, I couldn't wait! I'd heard a lot of great early buzz on it, and I knew it was going to be good. Thanks to Star Book Tours, I got a chance to read it.Well, I did think it was a very well-written book, but I can't say it lived up to my (admittedly high) expectations. Like I said - the writing was very good, and I think the exploration of emotions and relationships was very well done. However, I think the psychological aspects of the book took away from being able to have a real connection with the characters.Since Grace's problems and inner thoughts were being so well described, I never got a chance to connect with her. We went straight to her inner turmoil without getting a chance (or a reason) to like her. It made it hard for me to care about her character.What kept me reading was definitely the writing, not the characters. I do love - love - how she worked out the plot and Grace being trapped in the white room. I won't be going into any more detail on that, but I did think that was a fantastic idea.So, while the book wasn't a home run for me...I do recommend picking it up if you're a contemporary YA fan!