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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
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Magic Slays (Kate Daniels Series #5)

Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews Magic Slays is the fifth book of the Kate Daniels series - and each book just keeps building and gets more intense! I was nervous about this book; I was afraid now that Kate and Curran were an established couple that their tension would lose steam. I was also concerned that the magic system wouldn't be as intriguing now that Kate wasn't a part of the Order.Well, this book showed me, y'all! Kate and Curran were better than ever, their constant struggles to come to terms with being a unit are even more fun to read than them skating around their feelings for each other. This book, by far was my favorite as far as their relationship goes.Also, I should have known better than to doubt the writing skills of the Ilona Andrews duo. This magical system is easily one of the best of any series being written. It is so varied and complex. It mixes together many different mythologies as well as all the magical creatures and paranormal features that you can think of. The brilliance of it is that it really works. It isn't too much - it never gets confusing, and above all - never gets away from the authors. Even though new things are introduced every book, it all remains necessary.Kate also continues to be one of the best narrators in the genre. She is so sarcastic and witty - I dare you not to laugh at some of the stuff she thinks and says. She is also a serious BAMF. I'd definitely run like the wind if I came face-to-face with her and she looked pissed off. I also can't stress enough that I love the way her relationship with Curran is handled. They are absolutely brilliant together, but the going for them is never easy. Their relationship is really realistic and a lot of fun to read. The showdown with Roland continues to get closer, and I can't wait to see what new ways Kate finds of rising to the challenge. If nothing else, it looks like she'll be coming into contact with Hugh soon. I see a violent death in his future. Can't wait for Book 6!