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Good Girls Don't

Good Girls Don't - Victoria Dahl Originally posted here.Good Girl’s Don’t by Victoria Dahl is the first of a new trilogy: The Donovan Brothers Brewery. Of course, in the case of this book the trilogy name can be misleading, since the Donovan MC we meet in this story is a woman, Tessa. In fact – the name kinda bugged me. Why can’t it be the Donovan Family Brewery? But anyway, that’s a pretty small issue – and luckily, one of the only ones I had for the book!Tessa is one of those people who could find intensely stressful problems on a vacation at the beach. She takes everything on herself and is always determined to be the problem solver. Part of this (okay, most of this) stems from the fact that her two brothers fight like cats and dogs and she lives in constant fear that her family will fall apart. Her parents were killed when she was young, so her brothers are all she has. The same night that there is a break in at the family brewery, one of her brothers sleeps with an important client’s daughter – the problems are piling up for our girl.Another problem? The cop that reports to the scene of the break in is Luke Asher and he is hot. She discovers pretty quickly that he is rumored to have a playboy reputation; she is anything but a fan of the love ‘em and leave ‘em type. However, luckily for the firework-intense chemistry between the two, she is also unwilling to take the reputation as fact without getting to know Luke a little better first. As she gets to know him, she realizes that he is a lot different than others would have her believe.Y’all, the fires they are a-blazing. Luke and Tessa are so great together – they start out circling each other warily and we get to watch as it slowly builds into more. Seeing the way the Donovan brothers react to their sister seriously dating is hilarious! They even have Luke convinced she is a virgin at one point because they’re so convinced she is – but boy am I glad they were proven wrong. The steamy scenes are just that: steamy. Victoria Dahl does the sexytimes as good as – or better – than most other contemp authors out there.Between the Donovan family dynamics and the believable relationship between Tessa and Luke, this is a book I definitely recommend. It is – by a mile – my favorite of the Dahl books I’ve read. I can’t wait to jump into the next books of the trilogy. The book is up on NetGalley, so if you’re a reviewer, take advantage and check out this awesome story for yourself. Otherwise, the book comes out at the end of the month, don’t miss it!