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The Turn of the Screw: A Case Study in Contemporary Criticism (Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism)
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Willa Cather
Larry McMurtry
Lord of the Changing Winds
Rachel Neumeier
Hyperion (Hyperion Series #1)
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Anne Brontë, Mary Augusta Ward

Count to Ten

Count to Ten (Romantic Suspense, #6) - Karen Rose This woman just doesn't miss. Count to Ten was another fabulous installment to the series; one of the best, in my opinion. The story was fabulous...it wasn't that hard to pick out the killer, but as always, the book was full of non-stop suspense just the same.Also, I have loved Mia ever since she was introduced a few books ago. It was great to finally read her story. Along with her, a little boy named Jeremy stole my heart. He didn't get much face time in the book, but he made a big impact.LOVE this series.