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I Hunt Killers

I Hunt Killers - Why I waited almost five months after the release of I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga to finally pick it up and read it, I have no idea. I had been anticipating it for months before its release and knew it would be something I loved (seriously – who doesn’t enjoy a good serial killer?). All that waiting definitely paid off – this book managed to exceed all my high expectations!Jasper Dent’s dad is an infamous serial killer. In Jazz’s mind, one of the scariest aspects of this situation is that he is afraid he might take after his dad just a little too closely. He observed – and even assisted – his father on way too many occasions to count, and maybe its just me, but it seems like those are the kind of experiences that can really stick with a person.So, is Jazz just as crazy-scary-nuts as his dad, or is he a genuinely good person buried (deep) down there somewhere? As we follow his experiences trying to track down a new killer that has popped up in his hometown of Lobo’s Nod, we see that the answer to this question is a lot more complicated than it appears.I love the plot of I Hunt Killers with a fairly gruesome intensity, y’all. As Jazz starts tracking the killer, he realizes – with more than a little alarm – that someone is copying the exploits of good ole dad. He becomes increasingly determined to insert himself into the investigation however possible, no matter what the local cops (shout out to G. William, you are awesome my friend!) have to say about it.I Hunt Killers contains one hell of an awesome case of characters, you guys. Basically, Jasper Dent is incredible. He is so complex and his motivations vary from the macabre thrills he gets dealing with murder and his intense need to prove to himself (and to the town) that he isn’t his father. Also? He is hilarious. Seriously. Like being a maybe-almost-just-a-little serial killer isn’t enough? He has to be FUNNY too!?! I swoon.Also, his friends are great. Howie, the loyal follower and unfortunate hemophiliac, also adds a lot of humor to the story. I WANT TO HUG THESE PEOPLE MORE THAN MY OWN FAMILY, SERIOUSLY. Jazz even has a girlfriend – Connie. She is basically awesome, and refuses to believe that Jazz would ever do the things his father did, and she basically helps him keep his crap together no matter what is going on.If you guys enjoy a good Nature vs. Nurture debate, love humorous characters with a lot of mysterious depth and/or love a good murder mystery? Seriously, go forth and read I Hunt Killers at the earliest possible opportunity. Meanwhile, I will be eagerly awaiting the sequel (which will definitely not be languishing on my shelves unread for five months!).To Sum it Up:-Fantastic characterization and great murder mystery plotting makes I Hunt Killers one of the most interesting and in-depth books I picked up all year.-Is he or isn’t he? Jasper Dent would make a fantastic serial killer you guys, and it might just be inevitable anyway…-Severed fingers! Gruesome murder scenes! Unfortunate hemophiliac stories! So much WONDERFUL, DIVINE, OOZING BLOOD in this book, y’all! *cackles like a lunatic*