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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
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Dragon's Bait

Dragon's Bait - Vivian Vande Velde I decided to read Dragon’s Bait by Vivian Vande Velde because it is pretty short and super affordable as an ebook. I love reading lesser known young adult fantasy! I did end up having some issues with Dragon’s Bait – but overall I really enjoyed reading it.Dragon’s Bait is kinda like a fairy tale. Except the dragon turns into a boy from the very beginning. And has the emotional range of a pinworm. I decided to find those things humorous instead of disappointing.Seriously though, the characterization is a little lacking. Everyone serves their purpose – but no one really has any development unless it directly relates to the plot. This is probably due – at least in part – to the shorter length. Vivian Vande Velde has definitely written a book appropriate for a younger audience.Alys is accused by her fellow villagers as being a witch. The trial gives her father a fatal heart attack and Alys is desperate for revenge. Too bad she is sentenced to be tied up and left for dragon bait. She doesn’t figure she’ll live long enough to get back at her enemies. She decides to just accept her death. Then she meets the dragon and things do not go as expected…Now that she has a partner in crime, revenge is a possibility. Will she have the stomach for it?Selendrile, the dragon, really did crack me up. Like I said – not a lot of personality going on. Facial expressions, conversation and personality really are not this guy’s forte. Ironically, these things actually made him my favorite character in Dragon’s Bait. Nothing like a shape shifting man of mystery, am I right?The plot was entertaining. I enjoyed seeing how Alys planned and carried out her revenge with Selendrile as a sidekick.Considering the fact that Dragon’s Bait clocks in at just about exactly 200 pages and definitely kept me entertained throughout – I definitely think it is worth reading if you’re in the mood for fantasy not written in the past few years. Especially since it is so cheap (just over $3)!