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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
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Celebrity in Death (In Death Series #34)

Celebrity in Death (In Death Series #34) - As I’ve talked about many times before on the blog, the In Death books are my all time favorite series. The newest installment, Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb, is no exception! It releases today, and fans of the series should definitely expect an awesome addition to Eve & Roarke’s adventures.Now, as long time fans know, these books are oftentimes pretty much the same. I obviously don’t mean that as an insult – I just mean that we basically know what to expect by now. J.D. Robb definitely gave me a few things I wasn’t expecting this time around though.One of my favorite things about Celebrity in Death is that it seemed to be funnier than previous installments. There were more laugh-out-loud moments with all the characters. I definitely loved having the humor ramped up.Also, there was an adorable scene from Peabody’s point of view while home with McNab. Oh man, so cute you guys. You will melt. We don’t get enough from her eyes!The mystery/suspense was strong in Celebrity in Death as well. Figuring out the who this time around wasn’t nearly as fun as figuring out the how and why. Eve has to dig pretty deep to come up with her case this time and I thought it was crazy fascinating! Lots of curve balls.Seeing our beloved characters surrounded by the movie stars playing them in the Icove Agenda movie was super fun as well. Especially Eve, since she spurns all the attention. Seeing Roarke’s counterpart cracked me up since he was in no way close to being as swoonworthy as the real thing.The one bummer for me in Celebrity in Death was a lack of Whitney (Eve’s boss, the police Commander). He didn’t even get to dress anybody down, y’all! I love it when that man yells at people.Anyway…I loved this installment to the In Death series! J.D. Robb better keep cranking these books out to fill my never-satisfied craving for more Eve and Roarke!