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No One Heard Her Scream - Jordan Dane I was really rooting for this one! Jordan Dane is a fellow Okie, so I was really hoping I would be able to support her. And...this, her first book, isn't bad.I had several issues with it. She laid all her cards out on the table way too soon, you know who the "bad guys" are almost from the beginning, and I didn't think the characters were strong enough to stand up on their own without more mystery. There was still a "what-will-happen-next" suspense factor, but still...not enough to successfully carry the story for me.Also, Rebecca and Diego's relationship was rushed and disjointed. Oddly enough, they did fit together, but the progression of their relationship just didn't ring true. That is a shame, but that is probably something she can get better at as she writes more books. There were also a few too many "yessssssss oh Diego!" sex moments...I had to roll my eyes at those (especially since they only had sex once!).Anyway, not a big success in my opinion...but still not a bad start. I'm gonna keep the faith and keep going with the trilogy.