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The Edge of Town - Dorothy Garlock This book really surprised me! I can't believe I haven't heard of it before. I read a recommendation for it on the Fantastic Fiction website by Sandra Brown and decided it looked pretty good. It deserves to be much more widely read.It is a story of a family in 1920s Missouri. The mother passed away and left 20 year old Julie (well, I think she was 15 when her mom died, but 20 when the story takes place) to tend to everyone. Every single person in the family is lovable and adds to the story, their family dynamic is fantastic and is the basis of the book. There are seperate murder and rape plots happening, and even though rape is gruesome and always makes me feel sick no matter what context its in, those plots somehow didn't take away from the relaxing and gentle vibes of the overall story. I will say that I did NOT guess who was behind it all. During the story, you get to see the father taken in by a ridiculous woman and her daughter and how the kids are all desperate to be rid of her, and Julie falls in love. Its a very sweet historical fiction novel, and I plan on doing my part to make more people read it! I am about to start on the next book in her Jazz Age series.