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Unraveling Isobel

Unraveling Isobel - Eileen Cook Unraveling Isobel by Eileen Cook has a seriously awesome synopsis, y’all. Isobel’s mom is marrying some creepy guy she met on the internet three months ago. He is moving them into a crumbly old estate on an island. Insert hot step-brother and a ghost. Seriously – who wouldn’t pick this book up?I definitely did enjoy Unraveling Isobel. I got invested in the characters and how things would turn out. I do have to say that most of the characters were far from three-dimensional. Isobel’s mom was super shallow. I guarantee you’ll be wanting to slap her! Isobel’s new stepdad basically just works as a plot device to be super creepy. He is definitely a total weirdo, but he basically only appears as needed for the plot. No real characterization or development for him.Then there is Nate, the hot stepbrother. He is awesome. Seriously hot and sensitive. Plus, he is willing to stick by Isobel when everything goes to hell.Isobel’s real father is a schizophrenic. When she starts seeing ghosts – will everyone write her off as suffering from the same disease as her father? Is there actually something to all the ghostly apparitions she is seeing?Unraveling Isobel is seriously creepy you guys. Everything from the ghosts Isobel sees to Dick the Superfreak Stepfather Wonder makes this book thrilling and spine-tingling. Seeing how all the plot components come together is great reading. Some of the plot twists definitely had my jaw dropping! Eileen Cook knows what she is doing.The biggest disappointment is actually the cover – bright purple does not fit Unraveling Isobel at all.If the “chilling ghost story with sexy stepbrother” synopsis isn’t enough to grab you – then take my word on it. Despite the fact that some of the characterization is lacking, Unraveling Isobel is one awesome read! This will definitely not be my last book by Eileen Cook.