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Only Mr. Darcy Will Do

Only Mr. Darcy Will Do - Kara Louise Check out that cover y'all. I think it is really pretty. I read the ebook version, but if I ever come across a used copy I'll have to grab it to add to my shelves.Okay, I am super wary of P&P sequels/variations. Most of them are just a sorry excuse to write sex scenes between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Seriously - I can't stand those. Luckily, this is not one of them. This book asks the question: what if Mr. Bennet had died after Darcy's first proposal, before Elizabeth's trip with her aunt and uncle...before Lydia had a chance to run away with Mr. Wickham? How would things have been different?Well, lots of things are different. Many, many changes occur in this book from the original Pride and Prejudice plot. Luckily, I loved the changes! There is a ton of character development that I found incredibly insightful. I also thought it to be very respectful of the original characters. Mr. Darcy's stiff behavior is explained through a series of stories about his childhood, we get a lot more face time with his sister, and the Bennet women are put into situations where we see sides of them not available in the original work.Elizabeth is a governess for a family that initially seems to accept her as an extension of the family. She loves her charge (thank goodness there isn't any convoluted bratty child side story)...and through a series of events comes to be a visitor of the Pemberley estate with the family. There are a lot of absolutely brilliantly written scenes between her and Mr. Darcy. The tension between them was so high that it was all I could do not to skip ahead to read the final scenes. Their chemistry was absolutely dead on.I opened this book, slightly nervous, unsure of what I would find. Fast-forward a few hours (and a few ignored phone calls and a skipped meal) and I'm closing the book wishing there was a sequel! If you're a Pride and Prejudice fan unafraid to try something different than the original, absolutely pick this up. You'll love it!