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Willa Cather
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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Anne Brontë, Mary Augusta Ward

The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright: (Originally published in the e-book anthology THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER)

The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright - Tessa Dare You guys, my first reaction upon reading The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright by Tessa Dare was “whoa.” Actually, that was my reaction over and over again while reading this novella. I loved Tessa Dare already, her Spindle Cove series is wonderful and she is one of the only historical romance authors I make a point to follow. But still: whoa.Basically, everything about The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright is absolutely brilliant. The characters, the story, the writing. Oh man, THE WRITING. I want to quote the devil out of this book, you guys don’t even know. The number of passages I highlighted in this novella – considering there are only 100 pages – is crazy. Check out some of this awesome:The devil must be very handsome, her nursemaid had once told her. Else no one would follow him into perdition.Too true, too true. She saw it for herself now. The devil had a strong, squared jaw, a straight nose, and full lips with a dangerous, sensual quirk. Dark, wavy hair, as untamable as his spirit. Laughing eyes, green as a Cornish summer. Oh, yes. The devil was handsome indeed.But it wasn’t just that.The devil also looked weary. Fatigued by the world— and strangely vulnerable, this close. The devil put silver threads in his sin-black hair. Just a few, so a girl could only see them if she happened to draw imprudently near. He wore his cravat mussed, tempting feminine hands to put it straight.Eliza’s nursemaid had it all wrong. The devil didn’t entice with perfection. He seduced with flaws.His green, hungry gaze didn’t say, Follow me into perdition.It said, Only you can save me from it.It’s pretty funny that I picked this story up basically because it costs a buck and because I knew it wouldn’t take long to read. That’ll teach me, right? I ended up reading at turtle speed because I wanted to absorb every single word and every single feeling. Sigh. I sound like a 14 year old picking up her first romance novel and going all starry-eyed over it, right? I feel like it too!What starts out as a chance, embarrassing meeting between a jaded rake and an immature young girl turns into several meetings over the course of years – each meeting revealing more and more about the characters and who they really are. You might think that stand-out incredible character development can’t really happen over the course of 100 pages, but you’d be wrong. Mr. Wright starts out as just another rake in just another romance novel, but let me tell you, that changes. HE BRINGS THE SWOONS.To Sum it Up:-Tessa Dare basically blew the top off my already high expectations of her writing abilities. Seriously. Even if you love her already, you have no idea!-Some of the best character development I’ve come across in a long time packed neatly into novella form.-THIS EBOOK ONLY COSTS ONE DOLLAR. YOU MUST BUY IT IMMEDIATELY. I’m not kidding. Right now. Gogogogo. (And, if you prefer, the paper copy is only $4!)