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New York to Dallas (In Death Series #33)

New York to Dallas (In Death, #33) - J.D. Robb Well folks, another installment (the 33rd!) of the In Death series, New York to Dallas, by J.D. Robb is going to be released next week. If you’ve followed my blog for any decent amount of time, you know I am an obsessive fan of the series. This one is no exception! It definitely takes things a little bit off the beaten path…Eve, Roarke and the posse all start out in the futuristic NYC as usual…then an old case – Eve’s first case – comes back to haunt her in a big way. Dude breaks out of jail and all hell breaks loose. Y’all, this guy is one evil SOB. One of the best things about the series (to me) is that the murders (Eve is a homicide detective) are grisly and realistic. In this case, we have a pedophile whose victim count reaches the double digits. This time around, he is more interested in making Eve crazy than anything else. He has an elaborate plan that eventually has Eve and Roarke chasing him to Dallas (also known as Eve’s worst nightmare).So, I won’t get into too many spoilers for those of you that haven’t read the series, but for those of you that have: lots of Eve’s past is revealed in Dallas. So much, in fact, that the coincidences mount up quick enough that you’ll have to suspend disbelief a little bit to take it all in. Pretty intense stuff too.Also, Eve has cops in Dallas working with her for the most part, so not as much with Peabody, Feeney or any of the rest this time around. I kinda miss having them around! Although, I am happy to say that you do get to witness Whitney giving somebody hell for their incompetence (I never feel like the book is complete without getting to see him chewing somebody out) and there are a couple of awww scenes where Feeney acts all fatherly towards Eve. So all is not lost.Definitely another strong addition to the series! Not my favorite, but I think long-time readers are going to appreciate the insight into Eve’s past. Definitely nice to have that development. I’m very curious now to see what happens in the next book when things shift back to NYC!