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Tears of Pearl (Lady Emily Mysteries, Book 4)

Tears of Pearl - Tasha Alexander This is the first book of this series I've actually reviewed since I read the others before joining Goodreads, but that hasn't stopped me from recommending them all over the place! I'm just glad to finally be able to review one with events fresh on my mind.In this book more than the others, Emily reminded me of Amelia Peabody (and I can't think of a higher compliment!). Even silly things put me in mind to the series by Elizabeth Peters-like the use of the word "ablutions". In any case, Emily's character is always willing to plunge headfirst into schemes that she feels are just, and that Amelia-esque attitude is quite charming. (I'm glad the characters aren't real, Colin probably wouldn't appreciate that getting back to Emily, since the side effect of her crazy ideas is usually danger.)Colin...he is very worthy of his position as the dreamy hero. In fact, he might be a little TOO perfect. Emily obviously has her faults, but Colin (to my memory) has yet to show any. That isn't really a complaint, just an observation. I like my fictional heros a tad too wonderful. It just made it harder for me to swallow the end, I didn't like the thought of him being put through something when he never makes mistakes.I was thrilled that their relationship didn't get boring after their marriage, too often series get stale once the characters get together. I suppose, however, that life with the Hargreaves could really never be boring.The mystery plot in this one was also particularly strong. I love this series so much mainly for the characters (and I missed all the side characters horribly in this installment!), but I am always thrilled with the mysteries in this series. I don't really want to talk about anything specific since the fun is in "meeting" all the suspects and trying to figure things out for yourself.I am surprised this has already gotten so many low ratings, I loved it and definitely consider it a favorite of the series. It IS hard to declare a favorite though, especially when I consider Colin giving Emily all his books in Poisoned Season one of my favorite scenes of all time. But in any case, I adored this one, and am thrilled to see that Tasha Alexander is going strong! I'll definitely be looking forward to the next one. (Also, I really need to befriend her so she can invite me to travel with her when she does book research, she chooses the most interesting locations!)