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Out of Eden - Beth Ciotta I read this via NetGalley, a great website for testing out soon-to-be-released books.Ciotta certainly doesn't break any new ground in the chick lit/romance genre, and despite a somewhat awkward-feeling chemistry between the two lead characters and an often clunky writing style, it makes for a fun read. She could have done a lot more in the way of character development. I always enjoy more background into the characters. All the hard things Jack experienced as a homicide detective in the NYPD were alluded to more than once, but details were never given. While I understand the "he didn't want to burden anyone with hard truths" bit, I think it would have made things more interesting and made readers more sympathetic toward him. There are so many books with the main character as a cop circulating around now, it isn't enough anymore without details establishing him as a hero.I also didn't like the way Jack's sister Jessica came across; there were a few contradictions in her personality. She was described as a snob. The whole town thought she was stuck up and considered herself too refined for them-they were right. Yet she would occasionally still say things to the effect of "you scared the pee out of me." I didn't think that fit her too well.Other then some of my issues with the character development, I thought the story was very well-paced. I enjoyed the way she established the small-town feeling in the beginning. That was very well done, one of the high points of her writing, in my opinion. She eased me into the story. The relationship, as well as the action, all happened in the second half of the book. The first half got me settled into the story and interested in the characters and how things would turn out. All in all, I would recommend this to chick lit fans. Kylie was a fun heroine, and I enjoyed spending a few hours with her!