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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
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Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux This review is completely spoiler free, but to check out my full review (including slight spoilers), check it out on my blog!This series is a favorite of mine for a reason - Ty and Zane are so real and damaged. How can I not spend WAY too much of my time obsessing over wanting them to find happiness together?There is not a lot of happiness in this book, y'all. It's true. All the horrifying twists and turns everyone keeps talking about are just around every corner. I started getting scared to even turn a page - afraid I'd come across something even worse then what I'd just read.But the happiness that you can manage to dig out from all the rest? More meaningful and hard-won then it ever has been before.I am seriously shocked beyond belief by some of the things I learned in Touch & Geaux. I thought our boys had already been through a lot - but forget about it. That was nothing. In fact...knowing what I know now? I'll never be able to read the first six books in the same way again. Seriously: WHOA.As for the ending? Yeah. It was a doozy. Part "YES! YEEEESSSSS! YOU GO BOYS!" and part "WTF, what else could possibly go wrong next." I thought it was a pretty awesome finish actually - a mixture of one of the most kick ass moments of the series with an "uh oh, the trouble ain't over yet" warning thrown in.How they can expect us to wait a year to see what happens next is beyond me - but at least I can wait knowing that what Ty & Zane have can withstand just about anything the twisted mind of Abigail Roux can throw at them.